4 Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Own

Story: Reemsha Akbar

Stocking your closet with all the necessary shoes is a must. From attention-grabbing heels to effortless flats, there is always a different shoe game for every moment. Here’s our checklist of shoe styles every woman should own.

1. Flats
No shoe collection is complete without flats. From sitting behind desks to running errands, formal to casual, flats are an all-rounder and essential for every woman’s closet. Wear them with jeans, pants, leggings, skirts, dresses or even abayas. It’s a look that’s feminine yet comfortable. Trust me, they never disappoint.

2. Sneakers
Comfort and fashion are what every woman wants. Find kicks from various brands, in different colours, styles and materials to complement your street-style looks. Its just worth being obsessed over cute, casual, comfortable timeless sneakers.

3. Heels
The hottest thing you can put on your feet for the most glamorous look is a pair of heels; they will never let you down. From office to evening outings, heels are the most versatile shoes in the world, and they promise an upgrade to your style and an instant sophistication every time you strut.

4. Boots
When the weather gets cold and you want to feel fashionably daring, go for boots. Whether you prefer ankle or knee length, flat-based or heeled, boots will definitely add an uber-cool swagger to your outfit.

By owning these 4 different shoe styles, you are guaranteed to have a pair for every occasion, keeping you on your feet and ready to conquer.

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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