Clean, Simple, Essential: KANE Watches

KANE Watches are designed in the heart of Amsterdam and inspired by the minimalist movement in Tokyo, Japan. Minimalism is centered around the idea of removing unnecessary clutter from one’s life and placing focus on what is truly important. This less is more approach forms the essence of our design philosophy that is built on 3 pillars: Clean. Simple. Essential.

Clean designs without clutter or unnecessary extras, simple functionality and easy to understand systems, and essential for everyday wear.

The name KANE is derived from the Japanese word “KAIZEN” meaning continuous improvement and change for good. These KAIZEN principles drive everything we do at KANE. Rather than selling merely watches or accessories, KANE watches are symbols of a commitment the wearer has made to work on themselves, embrace personal development, and become the best version they can be. Our watches act as timekeepers reminding our wearers that their time is finite and that the moment to become their own hero, is now.

Finally, KANE Watches empower individuality. Our small range of smart and beautifully crafted watches provide flexibility in the world of fast forward fashion through a versatile and modular design. KANE Watches are essential to every man’s wardrobe because the collection of freely interchangeable straps allows them to be adapted to the needs of every style in any situation. KANE Watches challenge the idea that an expensive or flashy watch defines who you are, because we create elegance through simplicity and enable individual customization through our interchangeable strap system.


The idea to start a minimalistic men’s watch brand originated from the desire to create and own a truly versatile fashion essential; a watch that would match any style in any situation. After many months of trend research and a lengthy process of product optimization to get it all just right, the result was four classic watchcases and five charismatic straps.

The Blue Arctic – Inspired by the explorers of our time, who set sail across the oceans to new lands East and West, and ventured higher North than ever before, way into the circles of the Arctic, the Blue Arctic encapsulated the traditional qualities of deep blue watch face in a contemporary and modern style.

The Silver Steel – Inspired by the racing success of the Silver Arrows from Mercedes Benz in 1934, who sanded the white paint off their vehicles to reduce overall weight, the Silver Steel is lightweight, powerful and radiant. Its design is timeless, brings a shine to any look, and offers a refreshing alternative to the current trend of white watch faces.

The Black Code – Inspired by sophisticated and smart-dressed fictional characters such as James Bond and Harvey Spectre, we wanted to create a classic design that would compliment any form of formal attire and set a subtle yet sharp accent to any look. Every man needs a code to live by – what is yours?

And finally The Blackout – Inspired by modern street style and monochromatic dress trends of the new generation, the sandblasted matte black case makes a solid statement and exudes masculinity, whilst the Gunmetal Grey sunray dial adds contrast to this all-black men’s watch. Especially when paired with our jet black Milanese metal mesh strap, the Blackout is a watch for all those who want to stand out from the rest.



All watches cases are made of polished or sandblasted steel and run on a Japanese Quartz movement called Miyota by CITIZEN. This was done to ensure the highest level of quality and precision in time keeping. To protect these beauties we topped them off with a scratch-resistant mineral-hardened glass face, and pressure sealed them so that they are water resistant up to 5ATM, which means you can take them into the shower with you.

In order to empower men to adapt to the needs of the rapidly changing world of fast fashion trends, we felt it was important to provide them with a watch that could be easily modified to fit every style in any situation. From going to the gym in the morning to having an important job interview in the afternoon, KANE Watches can be adapted to become prestigious, smart, casual or even sportive, depending on the strap that each case is paired with. The quick release system enables an easy and timely transition between different situations the day decides to throw at you. Each strap is unique, charismatic, and adds a distinct character to the overall style of your KANE Watch with nothing more than the flick and click of a small pin.

The Classic Black Leather strap is a timeless choice of style and elegance, that not only always works, but brings a touch of sophistication to any look.

The Vintage Brown Leather strap inherently provides a warm character with heritage feel that reminds you of the watch your grandfather used to wear, but it does so with a modern spin on this classic style, helping to instill a touch of casual to any outfit.

The Urban Grey Leather strap is inspired by the modern hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle we work and live in, and through its lighter shade of color, brings a refreshing whiff of new air to current street styles.

The Silver Metal Mesh strap is finely woven in Milanese tradition and has an articulate textured feel that not only makes it a pleasure to wear, but also extremely versatile, as it works for any and all occasions.

The Black Metal Mesh strap is powerful, masculine, and simply different – the sandblasted matte black pops on any wrist and adds a standout element to any case it is paired with, whether it be under the cuff of smart three-piece suit or on the heavy brim of a black leather jacket.

All leather straps are made from natural oil-tanned cowhide leather and are one size fits all. The Stainless steel buckles come in sandblasted black or polished stainless steel in silver and gold, all of which have KANE and AMS|TYO laser-engraved in them – paying homage to the two cities that form the roots of our design inspirations.





All Milanese metal mesh straps are made from either polished or sandblasted stainless steel coated with an ionized plating, and are easily adjustable with a simple click and snap. To make sure your KANE Watch stays on your wrist at all times, every metal strap has been outfitted with a triple-lock security buckle.