House of Handsome: The Home Of Men’s Grooming

House of Handsome in Dubai is the newest hub of men’s grooming and style. Their team of stylists and barbers have been trained to cater to the growing and vividly changing demand for good taste.
The truth is, men spend more time keeping one specific look that’s pretty much part and parcel of their identity, but once they decide to change that look, the amount of work that is put to perfect it, is tedious.
From changing a hairstyle, designing a whole new look for your beard, grooming, haircut, brows, skincare and maintenance of everything a gentleman needs, to keep it handsome.
House of Handsome is that one stop shop.
I’m really picky, and when it comes to choosing a barber and a stylist, you should be. This is the age of creativity, people, men for this matter, are showing more courage to express themselves. We don’t just slap on a T-shirt and walk out of the door. When did we become so vain?
House of Handsome sure is vanity, but crafted, personalized, necessary.
My Dad once told me that dressing well is a form of good manners. I’m pretty sure grooming is the highest form of being human.
When in Dubai, book your appointment. You can thank me later.
+971 4514 7854
Dubai Marina, Diamond 5A