Heliservices: See Hong Kong From Our Perspective

Ranked As The best aerial tours in Asia

Established in 1978, Heliservices is the sole and premier provider of rotary-wing services in Hong Kong. Part of the Kadoorie Group which was established over a century ago with a presence in China and offers a complete range of aviation services including aircraft charter for sightseeing and VIP services, filming and photography, lifting works, power line maintenance and methodical inspection. Heliservices also provides aircraft management, maintenance services and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) rental to round out the turnkey experience.

That said, it’s their tours that we’re all crazy about. When visiting Hong Kong, be sure to consider seeing it from above. Trust me, the experience is incomparable. We’ve outlined our favourite tours, just for you:

Victoria Harbour Experience – Private Tour (Approx. 18 minute Tour)
A tour around Hong Kong Island with a view of the famous Victoria Harbour skyline, down and around the beaches and bays of South Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Geopark Experience (Approx. 30 minute Tour)
Experience the contrast between the vibrancy of Victoria Harbour with the calm tranquillity of Sai Kung and the spectacular, internationally acclaimed Hong Kong Geopark.

The Big Buddha Experience (Approx. 30 minute Tour)
In addition to the spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and the city, you can also fly alongside the famous Tsing Ma Bridge and experience the breath-taking scenery around the Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha), the airport and outlying islands around Lantau.

The City and Nature Experience (Approx. 45 minute Tour)
Experience the best of both worlds – The contrast of islands, bays, beaches and the green mountain countryside in Sai Kung with the ever-changing high-rise urban splendour in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Top it off with a flypast of either the Big Buddha or Tsz Shan Monastery (Guanyin) too.

Complete Hong Kong Experience (Approx. 60 minutes)
The ultimate aerial tour of Hong Kong including spectacular views of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island.

Now, choose your aerial adventure. For bookings and more details, visit

Written by Lucas Raven

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