1 on 1: Rene Vijay Einhaus, Director of Business Development at Dwarika’s Hotel and Resort



1. What is your favorite Dwarika’s memory? 
As we are a family run business and the Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu is my family’s home. I still remember, as a young kid I loved to play around our workshop, where we restore our wooden architectural masterpieces, and I spent time watching our carpenters restore these wounded wooden pieces. Our collected pieces are all century’s old and can be found throughout the facades the hotel.
2. Describe Dwarika’s as a brand in 3 words.
We Make a Difference.
The Dwarika’s takes commitment in identifying, measuring and acting to make a difference in the local community, within the hospitality sector, and of-course our valued guest.
3. What made you decide to be a hotelier? 
The Dwarika’s Hotel evolved out of my grandfather’s dream and mission to preserve the local architecture and cultural heritage of Nepal. As my grandfather collected these century-old wooden, his only objective was to save them from extinction. Only later he decided to put his restoration work in the hand of tourism. I entered into this field because I wanted to continue his legacy.
4. Why join Dwarika’s?
The Dwarika’s is beyond than just a brand within the hospitality sector. More so it is also a symbol of an inspiration, a living example and a tribute to the architectural and cultural heritage of Nepal.
With the vision of my grandfather, whose mission was to protect the aesthetic sensibility of the unique civilization that is at its extinct at present. Therefore, The Dwarika’s Hotel is known as a ‘Living Museum’ of a rescued woodworks which is an extensive collection of artefacts from the 13th Century onwards.
As a process of continuing the legacy of my late grandfather and a values passed down with greater responsibility, we continue to make the Dwarika’s Hotel an intimate experience of a refine Nepali lifestyle.
5. What’s your favorite Dwarika’s property, and why?
Both our properties are very different to each other.
The Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu was established with the objective of supporting the restoration and preservation of the traditional architecture and crafts of the Kathmandu valley. While, The Dwarika’s Resort, Dhulikhel is completely inspired by nature and is based on the lifestyle determined by the Vedic philosophy and Buddhist medicine, and is a place to contemplate, to learn and to explore the connectedness between mind, body and earth. So there are both very unique and, therefore, I can’t really say which one I like better. I enjoy both.
6. What’s your favorite part of the hotel?
My favorite part of the Dwarika’s Hotel is its courtyards, where the guest can relax and soak in the atmosphere. I love sitting in the courtyard being surrounded by these lovely wooden masterpieces capturing the beauty and spirit of our ancient city.
7. What makes The Dwarika’s experience so special? 
The Dwarika’s would like its guest to experience the uniqueness, the character and what is special about Kathmandu and Dhulikhel. In Kathmandu, it is the art and architecture, the culture. And we try to make the guest not only see it but also feel it in all our textures, flavors and services.
In Dhulikhel, it is all about the magnificence of nature and the Himalayas and the lifestyle based on the Vedic and Buddhist philosophies.
8. What does Dwarika’s as a company do to maintain sustainability in both properties?
More than sustaining, we strive to constantly improve the experiences, we offer, without losing our essence. We question ourselves what can we do to enhance the experience of our guest. We improve and add new features or facilities for the guest to enjoy. For example, in Dhulikhel we recently add crystal room for our guest to relax and farm deck at our organic farm where our guest can enjoy lunch and the views of the farm and the surrounding valleys.

Written by Lucas Raven

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