French Fine Dining at it’s Best:
Le Classique Dubai

Oman Magazine enjoys an exclusive 1on1 tasting session with Chef de Cuisine, Remi Verrier at Le Classique restaurant, set in the rolling hills of the Emirates Golf Club, Dubai. Le Classique presents an unforgettable dining experience not to be missed. The place has a welcoming feel, great food and attentive service. Having garnered generous compliments during its 27-year tenure in Dubai, åLe Classique is known as one of the region’s strongest award winning restaurants.  Today, with Chef Remi leading the kitchen, dishes of perfectly paired products, quality ingredients and intricate cooking methods are on the menu for diners to enjoy within a most modest price point. “When people hear fine dining, they often shy away from experiencing it, assuming it’s overpriced”. However, rest assured, the price points for such palette-pleasing dishes are incredibly reasonable and sure to impress your fellow diners.

Upon meeting Chef Remi, you learn of his wonderful path into the world of culinary experimentation and his deep love of quality French food. Having been born in Sri Lanka and adopted by a French Couple aged 3, he spent his life in Annecy, the heart of the French Alps, admiring and mastering the art of fine French cuisine. Under the trained eye of greats such as Alain DuCasse, Chef Remi has worked at some of Europe’s most prestigious restaurants, from a two Michelin starred fine dining restaurant in Annacy, to working in Alain Ducasse’s kitchen in the one star Michelin restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower; if that doesn’t make you say ‘ooh lala’ then nothing will. Chef Remi’s career also boasts two Michelin starred London hot-spot Hibiscus, followed by the three Michelin starred The Dorchester Hotel. His food is simply superb and never is a corner cut.

Chef Remi joined Emirates Golf Club in November 2014, as Chef De Cuisine of the French fine dining restaurant and Dubai institution, Le Classique. Combining his passion for cooking, travelling and past experiences in Michelin starred restaurants, Remi brings a host of fresh and exciting ideas to Dubai’s premier golfing destination.
His passion for all-things-food is overwhelmingly apparent. When asked to describe his most iconic creations, he replied “That would have to be the Ratatouille served in a tomato concasse with Potato Ice-cream”. “For me, every dish is an expression of my character. I was never a confident individual and being a Chef allowed me to express emotion, art, and flavor through the dishes”.
Le Classique is truly a classic. One that should be explored and enjoyed time and time again. The sophisticated atmosphere, glass wine displays, self-serve decanters along with the stunning and sprawling view of Emirates Golf Course with the perfectly manicured grass sets the scene for any special dining experience.

We highly commend and recommend this hidden gem at Emirates Golf Club and will surely be back for more French ‘savoire faire’ sometime soon.

– Team Oman Magazine

To make a reservation,
please contact Le Classique on +971 4 417 9999 or email