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Meet Oman’s Best Wildlife Photographers

One of the most interesting categories of photography is wildlife. How many times have we sat by the TV, marvelling at the exotic creatures on Nat Geo Wild? countless. In Oman, we have our fair amount of superbly talented shutterbugs who live to feed their curiosity that demands exploring the times and lives of living organisms. Here are four of our favourite:

1. Mohammed Al Barami

If you haven’t heard of Mohammed Al Barami, then you must have been living under a rock. The Dhofar-based is famous for capturing wildlife on the landscapes of Salalah. He truly offers an artistic glimpse into the wild, here in Oman.

2. Haitham Baomar

Haitham is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to shooting animals. He has travelled to exotic safaris, explored wild jungles, and immersed himself into the craft of photographing wildlife. On his account, lions, cheetahs, and all your favourite fanged-toothed animals take centre stage.

3. Althaf Abdul

If you are a fervent follower of birdlife, then Althaf must be atop your list of followings. The Indian-born talent serves perfectly framed shots of various birds around the Sultanate. His Instagram is nothing short of a trip to a bird-watching party, literally.

4. Hamed Al Busaidi 

Hamed Al Busaidi loves to lens everything that’s peculiarly beautiful; he is an outstanding insects photographer who captures the best of these colourful petit creatures. He does not shy away from things like exotic spiders, rare kinds of flies, beetles, and bees. You can find more artistically shot photographs displayed on his Instagram. A must-follow.

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