5 Places To Visit In Muttrah

A Charming Town With Spectacular Views Of The Gulf Of Oman


Muttrah has a revered history that occupies a special place in our hearts. It is one of the few places in Muscat that carries charms from the past, making it the number one destination for any visitor coming to Oman.

If you are planning to stop by Muttrah, here are six things to do while exploring one of the oldest towns in Muscat.

Visit The Souq
The Muttrah Souq is the heart of the town, established many years ago to be the trade centre for Muscat, where locals would bring their goods for trade. Today, it has become a tourist destination that offers a variety of items in a traditional market atmosphere and tons of narrow alleys. The souq is a perfect stop for folks looking for traditional ensembles, antiques and souvenirs, incense and jewellery.

Photo courtesy of Lars Helge Indrelid

Explore The Fort
This newly renovated fort is an iconic landmark that sits atop the cliff, overlooking the harbour. It is a great place that rewards its visitors with spectacular views of the Gulf of Oman. Make sure to have your camera ready, because the place is nothing short of a trip back to ancient Oman.

Photo courtesy of Snohetta

Bargain For Fish
Muttrah’s revamped fish market is located nearby the Sultan Qaboos Port. The market sports quite a captivating exterior designed with modern architecture in mind. Come here to experience the vibrant culture of fisheries as local men sell their best catch of the day. For non-seafood lovers, the place has a dedicated section for fresh produce, too.

Walk By The Corniche
Nothing beats an afternoon walk by the sea while taking in the ocean breeze and indulging in views full of rugged mountains and gigantic ships. It’s also a great place to relax and unwind, especially in Winter when the heat is tolerable.

Savour Some Art
Bait Al Baranda is a museum and art gallery that exhibits the history of Muscat through interactive shows that tell the story of Oman from its ancient times to its astonishing achievements of today. If you want to explore the culture, then stop by Bait Al Baranda, it is worth it.

Contact: +968 2471 4262

Dine At Bait Al Luban
Bait Al Luban is a great place for experiencing the hospitable culture of Oman while indulging in a palatable Omani dish. The restaurant is adorned with traditional decorative elements and has a dedicated area with floor seating. A must-visit,

Contact: +968 2471 1842
Timings: 12.00pm to 11.00pm

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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