3 Deserts You Need To Visit In Oman

One of the most exciting adventures people look forward to when visiting Oman is going to the desert. These sanded landscapes offer a peek into the traditional Bedouin lifestyle while discovering a variety of rare organisms and experiencing adrenaline-pumping activities such as dune bashing and sand surfing.

If you are coming here to explore the Bedouin culture, camp atop the dunes, or take a safari trip, we got you covered. Here are our favourite three deserts where you will feel surrounded by magnificent views of infinite sugar dunes.

The Empty Quarter

Located in the far north of Salalah. The Empty Quarter is the largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula. It is famously known for its uninhabited terrain and massive stretches of unexplored spaces that make it a dream for the adventurers. Though visitors may be curious to dive into the dunes alone, it’s highly advisable to arrange tours with experienced guides and travel agencies in Oman.

Coordinates: 21.0953° N, 48.7190° E

Photo courtesy of @faam155 on YouTube

Bousher Sands (Also spelled Bawsher)

Conveniently located in the capital, Bousher Sands has become a new favourite spot for a quick weekend escape to the outdoors. Visitors will find sanded hills packed with drivers who take pleasure in dune-bashing with their Jeeps and four-wheeled motorbikes. And, it’s a perfect spot to bid farewell to the sunset in Muscat.

Coordinates: 23.5637° N, 58.4117° E

Sharqiya Sands

Also called the Wahiba Sands, these oases of sands are perfectly isolated, with vast stretches and mountain-high dunes, making it the number one desert destination in Oman. At the heart of the desert, you will relive an unparalleled nomadic experience and get to meet Bedouin families stationed to offer you a glimpse into the traditional life of the desert dwellers.

Coordinates: 21.4378° N, 58.5544° E

*Desert trips require a 4×4 and an expert driver.

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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