3 Caves To Explore In Oman

Caves are some of the most fascinating geographical formations in the world, making them an excellent attraction for explorers and archaeology enthusiasts.

In Oman, we have a cave with a lake in it, a cave nearby a spring, and the largest cave in the world. Which one would you like to visit first?

Majlis Al Jinn Cave

Up the hills of the Eastern side of Al Hajar Mountains hides one of the greatest and most beautiful natural wonders, Majlis Al Jinn Cave, world’s largest underground cave.

Located near the village of Fins in Willyat Qurayyat in the Governorate of Muscat, Majlis Al Jinn boasts a massive 58 thousand square metres with a capacity of 4 million cubic metres. Though it may not show depth from its dome-shaped exterior, the cave is truly a magnificent natural attraction.

The cave was discovered by accident by Don Davidson in 1983 while he was searching for carbonate rocks in a quest to discover deep underground water reserves. Today, it is celebrated as a golden achievement that puts the place among the best places to explore.

Visiting this remarkable cave requires serious physical stamina, as visitors will be taking a long rugged mountain terrain to reach one of the three openings to the cave, and will descent in the cave through a rope (yes, that is the only access), taking a total of five hours for the whole trip.

Coordinates: 22°52’50.32″ N 59°06’18.74″ E

Photo courtesy of Surya K Samhan,

Teeq Cave and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole

Ever since being discovered by a team of Slovenian explorers in 1997, Teeq Cave and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole in the governorate of Dhofar has garnered international recognition by travellers seeking a raw, unexplored adventure, and it is considered one of the largest sinkholes in the world.

The ancient archaeological site offers a glimpse into the olden era and the remains of early civilisation, as well as beautiful streams of water flowing down the wadi that leads to the sinkhole. It’s a must-visit for die-hard explorers.

Coordinates: 17°11’29” N 54°56’03 E

Photo courtesy of Goran Wembley,

Al Hoota Cave

This cave is probably the most convenient among the three, which includes a footpath. Located in the Southern part of Jabal Akhdar, the cave was found by locals hundred years ago and was named after the surrounding village.

Though the cave extends for five glorious kilometres, visitors are only allowed to explore a distance of 860 metres, which ends at the cave’s lake.

The lake contains several species of blind fish, as well as a number of rare, coloured and translucent water creatures. (Yes, a see-through organism where you can actually see the skeleton of the fish)

Coordinates: 23.0813° N, 57.3507° E

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Written by Salim Al Afifi

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