Dine At Kosebasi, An Upscale Turkish Restaurant In Muscat

Go on a culinary journey to Istanbul, Turkey.


My first visit to Kosebasi served me a Turkish gastronomic affair to be remembered.

Enter Kosebasi and you are welcomed by the sublime and soothing aroma of bread baking in the background and the fragrant scent of juicy kebabs wafting across.

The decor is East Mediterranean in theme, and bright with beautiful reminders of the Bosphorous and Turkish monuments ornamenting the walls, with open spaces and a live cooking station.

I was greeted with a Cherry Sprite and a Turkish Ayran, a minty yoghurt smoothie. These sips were a delightful way to start the evening. They were quite thirst-quenching and refreshingly soothing, too.

The red lentil soup with bulgur along with a selection of their freshly baked artisanal bread and the eye-pleasing mezze platter came next. The soup had a silky and smooth texture and was prepared with minimal spices that make for a comforting treat, perfectly paired with fluffy Turkish bread.

After savouring the soup, we had the mezze platter, which comprised all your favourite Mediterranean staples such as hummus, babaganoush (eggplant), beetroot labneh, dolma, Muhammara, ezme and pickled olives. This was not only a visual treat but also an entertaining session for the taste buds; each one was crafted in a true Turkish fashion that screams ‘authentic’, keeping all the delicate flavours on board.

For the mains, we delightfully enjoyed the pirzola, a Turkish delicacy consisting of a fine cut of lamb, exquisitely seasoned and quickly seared. This bestseller dish was the star of the show; succulent, juicy lamb chops marinated for 12 hours with subtle Turkish spices and grilled to perfection. It was delectable at every bite – a must-try.

The chops were followed by a classic mixed grill kebab platter that comprised tender cubes of shish tawook, beef shashlik (skewered cubes of meat), chicken and lamb kebabs. We quite loved the barbecued beef shashlik that was marinated and served with onion rings. The lamb and chicken kebabs were tender and had a moist core, which was perfect. Both dishes were served with Kosebasi’s signature fries and bulgur pilav.

Overall, the platter was irresistible. We have used to enjoying mixed grill platters at Turkish joints across town, but this is a step above, offering an elevated gourmet experience.

The children had Kosebasi’s in-house chicken nuggets and chicken white sauce pasta from their kids’ menu.

We couldn’t leave this Turkish heaven without having their handcrafted desserts. For the final stop, we had a trio of kunafa, mullabia and baklava. The desserts were amazing but the kunafa was extra special. And, the presentation was brilliant for all three.

We left the restaurant feeling full and pretty much content with the experience; the service was wonderful and the dishes were terminally delightful. Would I come back for more? You bet. Kosebasi is a time capsule of Turkish dining tradition, and I cannot wait to try more off their extensive menu.



City Centre Muscat, Al Mawaleh, Seeb

+968  2455 8522


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