De-Stress Under the Right Pressure: Meraki Oman

Ask a massage therapist or even a chiropractor to tell you why massages are good and they’ll give a dozen reasons. Ask me, and I’ll give you fifty.

My absolutely justifiable reason to book a massage session at Meraki was that I intended to get back to my workout routine the following day. There were also some pretty good reviews from those who weren’t too easily impressed.

Located in the Lamar Building in Bousher, Meraki opened its doors to the public earlier this year in January. Its unique name draws inspiration from a Greek word which implies putting your soul into what you love. As you step into the plush salon, you are bound to feel the distinct aura that surrounds a place dedicated to well-being. The most welcoming thing about Meraki, apart from its beaming staff, of course, was the well-spaced, uncluttered and bright interiors. Meraki currently has two treatment rooms – one dedicated to waxing sessions and the other for massages. I had opted for the ‘De-Stress Me’ massage (because the thought of waking up earlier to work out is stressful). After ensuring I had found myself a comfortable position, my therapist began working her way up from feet to back. My treatment was a medium pressure massage which was directed at easing muscle and superficial tension while enhancing blood circulation in the body.

I indicated the areas that needed more attention and places where she could go easy. My therapist couldn’t have interpreted the message better for she got the pressure just right, and I have to admit, getting a perfect balance does require some skill. Coupled with nothing more than just the right amount of lavender oil I could feel myself drifting into a happy place that I wished could last longer. After tending to every sore muscle, the session climaxed with a deeply relaxing head massage. Meraki’s ‘De-stress Me’ had done absolute justice to its name.

Dedicated to nourish, heal and nurture from the inside as well as the outside, Meraki ensures you step out feeling your absolute best. Going back to that workout routine I was talking about, I did get myself to begin training again, and it’s leaving me quite sore; which means I’ll probably need another massage. Meraki’s client-favorite, the ‘Melt-a-Muscle’ massage, designed especially for athletes sounded particularly promising. Talk about good motivation!

by Antara Bose.