This Museum In Nizwa Is Home To Rarest Coins And Manuscripts In Oman.

Explore one of Nizwa’s must-visit attractions, Bait Qirsh Museum.

Nizwa is rich in many important archaeological places and sites that attract tourists and visitors from various regions, including Bait Qirsh Museum, which is one of the specialized museums because it contains the rarest and most ancient coins and manuscripts and antiquities. It contains more than 5,000 artefacts.

Bait Qirsh Museum is located in Nizwa Castle and provides researchers and specialists with Omani historical information.

Jamal bin Mohammed Al Kindi, a researcher in the Omani heritage and founder of Bait Qirsh Museum said,” The idea of establishing Bait Qirsh Museum came 6 years ago by hosting and preserving important archaeological holdings and then displaying them to the public, and to correct information and historical path in this area.”

Bait Qirsh Museum aims to introduce future and current generations to the history of Oman and what the previous imams and sultans presented in their respective fields, and to define terms and names and their uses, and to record, preserve and display information in all its departments. It is a museum with an Omani administration.

Al Kindi added to the Oman News Agency: The museum consists of 7 sections, and each section has a specific specialization, including History of Money and Coins, Manuscripts and Writing Tools, Weapons, Jewelry and goldsmithery tools, Islamic Ceramics, Omani Fossils, and Copying and Binding.

Courtesy of ONA.

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