This Beautiful Painting Of Muttrah Is Exhibited In Italy

Painted By Omani Watercolour Artist Salim Al Salami

Omani fine artist Salim Al Salami has displayed his latest painting of Muttrah in Italy. The talented artist is a member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts and the International Watercolour Society (IWS) and has recently added the Fabriano in Watercolour exhibition under his belt. Known for his signature watercolour artworks, acrylic and oil paints, the artist never ceases to amaze. Oman Magazine had a quick chat with him about his art and his trip to Italy.

Congratulations on the Muttrah painting being exhibited in Italy, how did that come about?

Thank you, this was such a blessing from Allah. I wanted to participate in Fabriano’s exhibition, which was accepting submissions from around the world. I submitted mine and it got accepted. I share this joy with colleague Fahad Al Maamari as the first Omani artists to exhibit in the 10th edition of Fabriano’s international exhibition.

That’s amazing. Tell us more about the exhibition. How was the overall experience?

The exhibition is organised by the city of Fabriano, one of the rural Italian cities and is the first one to produce paper and export it around the world, which explains the idea of organising this exhibition there, as papers are key elements for artists and their creative abilities, especially for those who use high-quality watercolours. The exhibition is part of a popular festival that celebrates the art of watercolour artists from everywhere, where they host workshops and live drawing sessions. My experience at this festival was unbelievable. My Muttrah piece is displayed at the church of San Benedetto, one of the famous churches in the city of Fabriano, which attracts a huge number of visitors, and that’s a golden opportunity for me.

Watercolour Artist Salim Al Salami

What is it about Muttrah that inspires you?

Muttrah and its old houses, its corniche, the cries of birds have inspired me a lot throughout my artistic journey. I have drawn the city from various angles and different times in the past, and what I appreciate the most is its unique character that can be seen in the architecture.

Watercolours truly bring an artwork to life. Tell us more about your craft, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I find inspiration in the Omani architecture, as well as the diversity from one region to another, and I always resort to the modern techniques in my work by introducing more the element of imagination and bring out artworks in interesting and unusual ways.

Where will you be exhibiting next?

Well, stay tuned for a huge international biennial exhibition of watercolours happening in March 2020 in Muscat.

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