The Delightful Tradition Of Qaranqashouh In Oman

One of the most exciting Omani traditions took place this week, where many children around the country chanted, danced and collected candies from their neighbours in celebration of the time-honoured social tradition of ‘Qaranqashouh’.

Photo courtesy of ONA

This delightful tradition is celebrated in the middle of Ramadan, where children leave their houses after Iftar in groups, chanting popular songs related to this beautiful tradition. The Qaranqashouh is typically an event that’s eagerly anticipated by kids of all ages; it is a feast that is welcomed with new clothes, positive vibes, and lots of energy.

Happening on every 14th Ramadhan, after Maghrib prayer, households prepare buckets of candies, sweets, coins or money and nuts to hand over to the little ones when the bell rings. The children stroll around the neighboured to collect the items as they chant their hearts out to Qaranqashouh’s popular song, and head back to their homes by Tarawih prayers.

The gifting varies from household to another. Some parents make their children’s wishes come true, while others enjoy taking part in the tradition by allowing their kids to immerse themselves into the groups and into the mini parade. Some households make it a friendly battle with their neighbours and compete to provide the best gift.

Qaranqashouh is truly a local celebration that contributes to the enhancement of social communication. It also enables children to learn more about teamwork and leadership skills, as the group has a leader who distributes the roles among the rest of the group and determines the preferred routes, among other things.

Qaranqashouh is considered a tradition inherited from the olden days of Oman, and the children keep the culture alive. If you would love to celebrate and live the experience, make sure to visit your nearest educational institutes and shopping malls, where tons of ‘Qaranqashouh revivals’ take place.

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