Meet Mays Al Moosawi, An Omani Illustrator

A Local Emerging Artist

Meet Mays Al Moosawi, a 24-year-old illustrator and art aficionado whose work has graced art galleries in Muscat and London. With an unparalleled passion for animation, the young lady has decided to dedicate her time to perfect her skills in her very own studio, where expressive and quite reflective artworks and illustrations come to life. Oman Magazine had the pleasure of catching up with her for a quick chat.

How did you get involved in art?
Being born in a family of artists and creative minds helped me build my passion from an early age, I grew up with a dream of becoming an artist; with the support from my family, I followed my dream.

That’s lovely. What kind of art or themes do you enjoy exploring?
Most of my artworks include human figures, which are inspired by the people around me. The colours and strokes are a reflection of my feelings and emotions at the moment. I believe that all of us humans try to hide our feelings and emotions deep inside because we’re so afraid of judgments. Throughout my work, I try to illustrate these hidden feelings, which are hard to talk about them out loud.

Tell us about your installation at the Young Emerging Artist Awards (pictured above), how did the concept come about?
The main concept behind my installation was; each one of us lives inside a box of our own thoughts that we created for ourselves with the help of society, culture and religion. By pushing our minds beyond our own limits can give us an indescribable sense of joy, and show us how limitless we truly are. When you escape the box you created for yourself you will be surprised and regret every moment you have wasted inside.

What is your favourite artwork?
In December of 2017, I participated with a volunteering organisation known as Art With Refugees, and I exhibited an artwork called ‘Hope’ which was a collage of hundreds of pictures of people from the refugee camp glued out together to shape a full picture of a hopeless young girl. It reminded me that the more we give, the happier we feel. An absolute favourite of mine.

Omani artist, Mays Al Moosawi

Let’s talk about influences, what sets you apart in terms of aesthetic?
My artwork style has its own identity, which has become quite recognisable. I also believe that everything I see, hear and experience somehow influences me as an artist.

How do you see Mays in the future?
I see myself having many successful solo shows, selling and making a living from my work.

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