5 Most Beautiful Mosques In Muscat

From their sacred ambience that radiates love, to the cultural nuances and symmetrical motifs that adorn the walls of each and every place of worship, mosques are some of the best architectural wonders of our time. In Oman, we have our share of beautifully structured mosques that transport you to the astounding land of modern Islamic architecture. Here are five perfectly-crafted mosques to visit in Oman:

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

We had to start with the best of them all: The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, a monumental building situated on the highway of Azaiba, Muscat. This concrete beauty took seven years of work before opening its doors and becoming one of the most remarkable mosques in the Gulf. The mosque has quite a regal feel that leaves you in wonderment. It sports a golden dome, one long minaret, and another four minarets on across the four edges. A must-visit.

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Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque

Built in 2014, this iconic landmark can be seen from any highway that is going to Muscat, especially at night because of the unique golden-coloured and lit domes. The mosque sports a unique, all-white exterior that carries wooden elements, masterfully designed by the arbiters of modern architect. Though the interior is allowed for Muslims only, visitors can experience minimalist grandeur as they stroll on its tiled floors.

Said Bin Taimur Mosque

This rather unique-looking mosque was built in 1999 in Al Khuwair, in the memory of the father of Sultan Qaboos – Sultan Said Bin Taimur. It’s designed to imitate the unique Ottoman styles of two famous Turkish mosques: Sultanahmet Mosque and the Hagia Sofia Mosque. An absolute favourite mosque of ours, and a source of inspiration to future architects and designers.

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Abdul Munim Bin Yousef Al Zawawi Mosque

Known locally as Al Zawawi Mosque, this sacred place came to life in 1985 by the Zawawi tribe, to honour the members of their family. The mosque features a central golden dome and minaret. It has several entrances with triangular-shaped arches, and sports a combination of ancient and contemporary design. Unlike other mosques, Al Zawawi has the text of the whole Qur’an inscribed on metallic plates that are hanging on the walls of its interior.

Asma Bint Alawi Mosque

This is another mosque built in the posh neighbourhood of Qurum by Al Zawawi family, serving a religious wonderland with manicured gardens and interestingly patterned tiles. Inspired by Moroccan architectural style, the mosque features a colourful and decorated dome, as well as a clock tower as its minaret. The mosque also has a central fountain in its courtyard, and maze-shaped flower basins.

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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