Constance in the Seychelles: We are Paradise within Paradise

Crystal-clear water, white sand, coconut trees: beneath the tropical sun,
the Seychelles are an ecological paradise that is jealously preserved, supervised
and cultivated.

Enter, Constance.

On these island-sanctuaries for thousands of birds, fish and plants,
all forming a unique ecosystem, parks and nature reserves cover 47% of the island
surfaces. On two of the islands, Praslin and Mahé, the largest of the archipelago,
Constance Hotels and Resorts established two eco-luxurious destinations, Lemuria
and Ephelia, enveloped in the beauty of this steadfastly protected nature, where local
habits and customs are gleaming threads woven in the fabric of an ancient, carefully
preserved culture.

Constance Lemuria, the first luxury hotel to open in the Seychelles in 1999, is a nod
to the name of a Malagasy monkey, with echoes of the lost continent of Lemuria or
Mu. At its threshold, the celebrated nesting beaches of the giant sea turtles, known
here as ”tortidmer”, are testament to its respectful involvement in ecological matters.

On an isthmus of Praslin and in the midst of a national marine park, Constance Ephelia need add nothing else. Revive mind, body and soul in natural 296-acre park offering that rarest, most precious commodity: space.

Dazzling, vibrant beauty. Unspoiled beaches. Tropically verdant and peaceful. Endless options for sports and activities will please those who enjoy a more dynamic break.

Beneath the waves, more than 800 species of fabulous fish and shellfish. In the trees and skies, 200 species of birds, including sunbirds, Seychelles black parrots and scops owls.

Between the two, unspoiled mangrove and extraordinary beaches.

The sweetest souvenirs are not those we bring back in our luggage, but those that pulse forever in our memory. That is the full evocative and suggestive power of the islands. Between horizons and sunsets, underwater escapades and exploratory expeditions, deep into the lush, verdant, natural surroundings of Constance Hotels and Resorts.

Dreams that are warm, welcoming, serene, persevering and utterly breathtaking. Arriving at Constance Ephelia was like waking up from a dream and into another.


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Only the best,

Lucas Raven