Celebrating Food with Barton G: Los Angeles

Barton G in Los Angeles is one of America’s best restaurants. It’s a gastronomical and visual haven that values imagination above all. Their expertise in food, powered by a well-seasoned team are sure to stimulate your senses.
Inhaling the surroundings, it’s clear that Barton G was made for celebrations. Whether a birthday, anniversary, or a treat to yourself or loved ones, this setting just beams with jubilation.
Being based in the GCC, it’s not easy to impress me with grandeur; we see it everyday. I recall reading an article stating, “You know you’ve been in the Gulf too long when you yawn at the sight of a Lamborghini”. However, I have to say that Barton G goes over and beyond just the first-stage glamour. Their food, product and people win hearts. Memories are made here.
Barton G will bring you back to your childhood memories and make you smile. Good food isn’t just about how it tastes in your mouth, but rather how it takes you on a journey; familiarity, warmth, flashbacks, nostalgia.
Like I always say, if it doesn’t put a smile on your face, you shouldn’t eat it. In that case, you’ll probably eat everything at Barton G. The desserts, for example, are taken from the pages of a fairytale.
Book in advance, they’re always full, and don’t forget to try the Wagyu (for sharing); you can thank me later.