Birdcage Cairo: 2017 World Luxury Restaurant Award

Semiramis InterContinental Cairo announced that it has received the World Luxury Restaurant Award for its iconic Thai restaurant, BirdCage. The award inspires excellence and ignites healthy competition in the Luxury Restaurant Industry and enables restaurants to compete in their chosen category, from a list of 81 categories.


The World Luxury Restaurant Awards aim to highlight special features of restaurants, thereby increasing competition globally and ultimately raising the level of food quality and the standards of service in the luxury restaurant industry.

The winner is selected based on the number of votes received, which is based on the food experience as a whole, combined with aspects of service excellence, presentation, quality and menu choices. Votes are mainly from guests, but also from industry professionals that approve and support the establishment.

We are thus proud to announce that BirdCage won this prestigious award, highlighting its excellence in the category of Thai cuisine, not just in Egypt, but in Africa as a whole.