Bat-O-Bleu: Come sail the Seychelles

When thinking of a trip to the Seychelles, one must plan ahead to maximize the experience, and it’s not a complete experience without a sailing adventure! Island hopping is a big part of falling in love with the “couleur locale”. That Seychellois sunset from a sailboat will make everything seem like a painting.
Now, when it comes to organizing a sailboat or a yacht, I highly recommend Bat-O-Bleu to give you the ultimate sailor’s experience in Seychelles, which I know for a fact, based on experience, you will cherish as one of the best holidays of your life.
Talk to them about a week or so of sailing around the majestic Indian Ocean. From Mahé to La Digue, to turtle sanctuaries like Moyenne Island and many more.
They have a team of sailors, chefs, tour guides, beautiful new boats, and everything you’ll need for that perfect getaway.
They’re all about tailoring an adventure for you, based on what you would like to see. Keep in mind that these guys know the islands like the back of their hands, I would recommend an open conversation where you can suggest an itinerary, allowing them to create something absolutely dreamy all throughout the adventure. Listen to them, Bat-O-Bleu is one of the best in luxury boat-charters in the Seychelles.
May it be for group trips, a honey moon getaway, or just planning to sweep someone off their feet? Perhaps an intimate engagement proposal that’s taken right off the pages of a fairy tale.
I highly recommend these guys.
Only the best,
Lucas Raven
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Managing Director
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