Barefoot Experiences: Six Senses Zighy Bay

Six Senses Zighy Bay is an intimate 5-star boutique resort & spa that values wellness and well-being above all.
It’s designed to detach yourself from the muck of the outside world, the hustle of the city life, and the challenges of day to day routines. The beauty of this whole journey of being in Six Senses is not about feeling like you are outside, on the contrary, the raw impact of this barefoot experience is to scratch the surface of your pretence, the kind of mask that we have been programmed to wear since we’ve decided to be grown ups. The Six Senses experience will crack the surface, so we may find our way back to what truly matters. It is a journey inward, more than anything.
This bare atmosphere will make you realize that the kind of happiness you have been searching for has always been inside of you.

An absolute masterpiece. One of the most serene piece of paradise made by nature, cultivated by man. I highly recommend the experience to lovers, friends and families alike.

There is magic in Zighy Bay that has brought me closer to my partner and most of all, to myself.
Certified as one of the world’s best kept secrets.

– Lucas Raven

  • Photo Credit: John Athimaritis
Musandam Peninsula
Dibba-Musandam, Oman
+968 26 735555