When you’re craving something lip-smackingly delicious, freshly-prepared and a true taste of the Philippines, look no further than Adobo Restaurant. It’s one of our personal favourites for an informal get-together, celebration or a late night takeaway…

With optional karaoke and a general buzz of familiarity, this quaint little hideaway in Seeb offers guests exactly what they’re looking for; delicious Filipino food without the hefty price tag.

The name ‘Adobo’ is Spanish for “marinade” and is also the name of the countries’ most recognized dish; Chicken or Beef Adobo. Despite the Spanish title, the cooking method is indigenous to the Philippines

Their menu ranges from simple Ginataang Monggo Bean Soup to a rich Beef Caldereta.
Oman Magazine pops in to sample a few of the signature dishes and enjoy a sing-off!

Beef Caldereta – This rich meaty dish comes served on a bed of cooked rice with green peas, pineapple, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and drenched in a moreish gravy. It was certainly a hearty choice and one for those with a real appetite. Would be ideal as a winter warmer!

Super Fresh Jasmine Rice – The Jasmine rice was wickedly good. Very light, fresh and with a subtle fragrance. Just the right level of ‘stickiness’. Very, very good indeed.

Chicken Sisig – This has to be one of our favourites. A hot griddle is brought to the table with diced chicken pieces, red onions and a raw egg atop. The dish is then stirred in front of your eyes whilst the egg cooks and mixes itself with the chicken and green chili (it’s not spicy however). An incredibly healthy and yummy dish.

Sinigang na Hipon Soup – Sinigang is a popular Filipino dish often referred to as ‘sour soup’.  Overflowing with juicy shrimps and assorted vegetables, the sour broth has a base of real tamarind and is wonderfully fragrant and flavourful.

Leche Flan – For the grand finale, we experienced an insanely delicious Leche Flan. Named ‘Elena Flan’ after the Aunt of the Restaurant Owner, who had originally taught him the recipe. This dessert could rival any of the Michelin-starred restaurants and had the wonderfully creamy consistency of a crème caramel and was beautifully set. Each spoonful was smooth and indulgent.

For reservations and enquiries;
Phone: ​+968 95507124 / +968 91405006