Authentic Asian Cuisine in Muscat: China Mood

Al Bustan Palace is home to an authentic Asian experience restaurant like no other; China Mood. Each touch point is an expression of China, from the flavour, the hospitality, the ingredients and of course, their Executive Chef, Chef Lau.Let yourself be transported to the land of the rising sun, as you indulge in the most refined Chinese cuisine. Arriving straight from Hong-Kong, Chef Lau has designed an authentic menu which is sure to enliven your senses and take you through the different regions of China. Oman Magazine visits China Mood, at the prestigious Al Bustan Palace Hotel, for a taste of the very best Asian cuisine, here in Muscat.Upon arrival, we were greeted with a resounding “huānyíng” from our host and captain. It was the first of many authentic touches we would experience throughout the evening. From the waiters, to the chef, ingredients to decor, you can feel Asian splendour and elegance in every touch point.

We were presented with Chinese green tea whilst perusing the menus and promptly advised of recommendations based on our guests preferences. We decided upon the four type Dim Sum (Lobster, Shrimp, Chicken, Mushroom) followed by Beijing Broasted Duck with all the expected trimmings; steamed pancakes, rich plum sauce, spring onion and cucumber. As our table comprised of both foodies and asian-food-fanatics, we were pleasingly surprised with the quality of the ingredients used and the impressive flavour and succulence of the duck meat. Commendably, all key items such as duck are flown regularly from China to Oman to ensure complete authenticity, quality and provenance of foods presented; the taste and texture therefore, are of the highest quality and offer a genuine representation of Asian cuisine at its finest. There are no replications or fusions to be found here; it’s the real deal.

The dishes were served and plated directly at our table. The duck was expertly cut into equal slices ready to be placed inside delicate pancakes. Such grace and elegance demonstrated with each cut of the knife; a master at his trade.

For afters, we were offered a variety of desserts to trial. Matcha cheesecake was most definitely a winner here, with it’s rich and creamy texture, light matcha tea flavour and indulgent chocolate moist base, there wasn’t a crumb left over! The green tea ice cream was equally moreish; non-sweet, milky and somewhat savoury, offering the perfect finish to the meal, with it’s light and refreshing flavour. Lastly, but by no means least, was the chocolate mousse served with a burnt salted caramel ice cream. A strong ganache with over 85% cocoa, blended with a whipped mousse and served with a salty-caramelised ice cream was the chocolate-lovers dream. With quality ingredients yet again, flavours were able to come to life and leave no unpleasant heaviness. Despite it’s richness, the dark cacao offered a complimentary ending to the notes and flavours of the previous courses.

“Chinese culinary art has been treasured and cultivated since millennials, to deliver one of the world’s best cuisines. It is an art that appeals to the senses, through its aroma, ingredients and taste. Although we can balance contemporary tastes and creativity with new techniques, the original flavor of our authentic cuisine is uncompromising.” – Chef Lau

Indulge in the most refined Chinese cuisine at China Mood, with a new Saturday lunch menu designed by Hong-Kong native chef Lau to enliven all your senses and take you through the different regions of China. For those dining a la carte, a Signature tasting menu is available every evening, along with Chef Lau’s renowned dim sums, no to be missed: they are said to be the best in the Middle East!

Lunch Menu
OMR 22 Net per person (Saturdays, from 12:30pm to 3:30 pm)

Chef Lau’s Signature Menu
OMR 56 Net per person

Dinner: 7pm – 11pm
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

For reservations, email or call 2476 4000 (ext 1010)