Aroma: A Taste of Rome Arrives to Al Hail

“Buon appetito” – The cheerful greeting given before the breaking of a meal is common place in Italian family homes and local bistros, but be very careful using  this phrase loosely in Italy. Depending on the status of the people you have a meal with or the location and the style of the venue, you could be considered as somewhat ‘tacky’.  As another small note of advice, it is good practise to wait for the host to start dining, before you do so. So there’s your two-penny tips for those looking to visit the land of family tradition, and more importantly, great quality food.

Aroma Restaurant is an existing Michelin-starred offering in the centre of Rome and is celebrated as a wonderful fine dining experience with an extraordinary view of the Colosseum, where guests can enjoy local authentic Italian cuisine, made with love and Italian flair.

Aroma Michelin-Starred Restaurant in Rome is the inspiration behind the all-new Aroma Restaurant in Muscat.

It’s lovely setting and theme inspired local owners to create their very own Aroma restaurant, here in Muscat. This month, Aroma’s Italian Restaurant has opened it’s doors for the first time. Cozily  located within the new Al Muzn Mall at Southern Al Hail. Upon arriving to the restaurant, I was welcomed by a younger member of the family, Francesco, who was getting some first-hand experience in the restaurant trade.

“Buongiorno!” he delighted, welcoming me into the arms of the family business.

The restaurant in question is owned by Francesco’s parents Ciro and Anna,  who spend their time looking after guests, greeting them, sharing conversation and giving tips on Italian cuisine. Their  presence  means  a  great  deal  to  the  diners who are eagerly laughing along with the jovial dialogue.

“We have our Omani partner Mr. Naif who is a truly special person; he helps us for everything”. It was Anna’s decision to come and open an Italian restaurant in Oman. She wanted to bring authentic food to the Sultanate, and not the commercialised versions that we all too-commonly come across. “Our Chefs are from Italy, of course. One for pizza, second for pastry and the third for the main dishes as our Executive Chef. Our speciality dish is a 1.5metre pizza, for all the family to enjoy!”

Aroma Restaurant in Al Muzn Mall, Al Hail. The Colosseum wall was created in celebration of Rome itself.

The restaurant, despite having opened only a few days ago, has attracted the attention of many Omanis and European fans. Not only is the food delicious but the design is cleverly reminiscent of the original restaurant in Rome. A wall has been modified to feature ‘The Colossium’; a most grand feature wall to observe and imagine the senses of Rome itself.

Orders are taken on iPads, a subtle nod to the modernity of this location, to allow images to speak for themselves. “For our guests, seeing what each Italian dish means is very useful. They can choose from the selection with ease and get to know a bit more about our national cuisine.” – Ciro, Co-owner. All of the food at Aroma is prepared by Italian Chefs and many of the ingredients are delivered straight from the source in Italy to the plate here in Muscat.

“We need to have speciality products to offer an authentic Italian experience, as well as the Chefs, it’s in our blood!”, Ciro cheerfully explains.

On this visit, we were very impressed with the texture and flavours of the pizza dough, the wood-fire oven to achieve classic Italian flavour, and of course, the real-deal mozzarella! Be sure to try out this little gem in Al Hail and you won’t be disappointed.


” È semplicemente delizioso!”   

– by Muntasir Shaaban Al Farsy.

Aroma Italian Restaurant
Al Muzn Mall
Southern Al Hail