Experience Africa’s Great Migration with AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas


You haven’t truly lived until you witness the Great Migration, and there’s no better place to marvel over this experience than the endless plateaus of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Thousands of wildebeests, zebras, buffaloes and antelopes stampede to cross rivers as predators lurk waiting to prey on the weakest link.



My journey with &Beyond brought me to &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas for the ultimate off-the-bucket-list moments.



&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas is an intimate luxury camp that follows the movement of the Great Migration within the vast and visually-stunning landscapes of the Serengeti; accompanied by a super-team of well-trained staff, giving you service that can beat any 5-star hotel on the planet.



Luxuriously large and spacious tents for the most opulent under canvas experience in the Serengeti.



Well thought out private campsites that attempt to put guests in the best game viewing regions.



From the moment you land at the airstrip you’ll be in awe; that feeling only gets better. For starters, the dreamy breakfasts in the bush as you’re looking at the ongoing migration, whilst listening to a symphony of birds. The hand-washed clothes they bring back to your tent within the day, with handwritten notes that’ll make you smile. The hot water bottles they put under your blanket at night to keep your feet warm. The fresh lemonade and snacks they pack for your game drive. The blissful sunset drinks, all through out the entire trip, the tailored surprises in-between that’ll rekindle your love for nature, to the genuine songs they sing before you leave camp.



Absolutely, a must experience.

There’s a lifetime of beautiful destinations we will come across, but &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas was like coming home.



The camp itself is a tasteful adventure worthy of our travel. Book your dream safari holiday now! You can thank me later.

for more info, visit www.andbeyond.com



Only the best,
Mr. Raven