AndBeyond Klein’s Camp

&Beyond Klein’s Camp is an intimate luxury boutique camp that offers magnificent panoramic views of a private 10,000 hectare exclusive wilderness concession from the edge of the Kuka Hills in the Serengeti.
Unlike other camps, Klein’s permits and specialize in rare off-road driving, bush walks and night safari drives. The rangers here have mastered the art and science of sensitive driving techniques that allow the guests to experience close wildlife sightings.
I love the exclusivity of the game drives; the limited number of vehicles in the entire vastness of our side of the Serengeti. Making every encounter with the wild rather personal and magical.
The staff are like family. From the moment I arrived, I felt this familiar warmth from everyone’s smile that complimented the hand-crafted meals, the butler service, the endless snacks and tea times, to the surprise bonfire in the bush with our favorite tailored cocktails to celebrate the elephants we saw, making the tangerine sunset a perfect backdrop to our last day.
 Dear Klein’s Camp team, you guys made all of our experiences with &Beyond seem like a painting.
When you get to the camp, look for Penny, She’ll make sure everything’s stitched to perfection. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Ellie as your butler and Rabin as your ranger. You can thank me later.
From the bedroom, you’ll hear at least 7 species of birds singing every morning. It’s like a melody set to jump-start your day as you’re having tea, while looking at the light from the sky reflecting through mountains and hills, casting whimsical shadows akin to a theatrical show. This sanctuary is a dream sequence from one of your favorite movies, re-imagined. 
No amount of words and photographs can justify the bliss and serenity one will feel when at Klein’s Camp, but the best I can do is describe fragments from my memories as I was hopping onto a flight with the thought of coming back.
A must experience.
Only the best,
Mr. Raven