An Awakening at Anantara Tangalle

Rooted in Thailand, Anantara’s philosophy, ‘without end’, stems from ancient Sanskrit origins and is expressed at Anantara Spa at Anantara Tangalle Peace Haven Resort through a holistic Ayurvedic approach, world renowned therapies and the spa’s heartwarming hospitality.

The Anantara Spa facilities comprise four double treatment suites and four single treatment suites, a beauty salon, facial room, specialist Ayurvedic and reflexology rooms, as well as two tranquil open air courtyards, where spa guests can enjoy refreshing green tea and healthy food from the Spa menu.

Skilled therapists are trained to the highest international standards, enhanced by a personalised service that feels genuine and intuitive.

The same nurturing care and world class luxury extends to carefully selected spa products. Natural elixirs are sourced from indigenous ingredients, such as moisturising coconut, beautifying spices, detoxifying green tea and sun soothing aloe vera. Anantara Spa’s award-winning range of facial, body and hair care products is accompanied by a signature collection by the renowned French brand THÉMAÉ, comprising exclusive products that blend spring water with different beautifying and therapeutic teas.

Anantara Spa’s treatment menu is extensive. Herbal steam and bath rituals are laced with milky softness, soothing sandalwood bath oil and Ceylon green tea, offering a sensual prelude to any treatment. Luxuriant body scrubs and wraps leave skin smooth, nourished and richly moisturised. A THÉMAÉ Detox Ceremony body treatment starts with a detoxifying wrap and a foot and scalp massage, followed by lymphatic drainage and back relaxation to relieve muscular tension. A range of exclusive THÉMAÉ Facials are designed to lift and rejuvenate, purify and rehydrate, along with a detoxifying and replenishing facial for male skin needs.  The massage collection draws on Thailand’s pressure point and stretching techniques, warmed bamboo sticks from China’s ancient healing wisdom, heated volcanic stones, penetrating pure essential oils and revered western techniques.

Signature spa experiences at Anantara Peace Haven include the Signature Ceylon Retreat, commencing with a refreshing Black Tea & Lime Foot Scrub, a purifying and exfoliating Green Tea & Salt Scrub to prepare skin for a rehydrating and nourishing Coconut Body Wrap, leading into an Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage to enhance vital energy flow and concluding with a Bespoke Facial that is tailored to each guest’s skin type and individual needs. Extended Spa Journeys tempt guests to escape the limits of space and time, such as the six hour Restorative Retreat of treatments to boost physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing which is spread over three days.

The In-Room Slumber Guru Experience takes the importance of a good night’s rest to a whole new level with a candlelit bath and soothing essential oil massage, a choice of night time refreshments and music, and at bedtime a personal pillow choice with a heavenly mist spray, eye mask and ear plugs.

Guests can experience wellness traditions that have been practiced for thousands of years in Sri Lanka through the 5,000 year old science of Ayurvedic natural healing. The resort’s Resident Ayurvedic Doctor who is qualified in Ayurveda Pancakarma, massage therapy and beauty culture, as well as acupuncture, yoga and counselling, is on hand to recommend the ideal therapies according to each guest’s dosha type, current condition and personal needs.

A range of individual Ayurvedic treatments provide a wealth of holistic benefits. Relaxing yet energising, Head Massage restores balance and helps to relieve insomnia, chronic headaches, migraines and sinusitis. Marma Abhyanga focuses on the Marmas junctions of the body where blood and lymph vessels, muscle and bone tissue and nerves meet to achieve health and balance. In Shirodhara, a continuous flow of warm oil to the forehead coordinates and calms the mind, body and spirit, enhances circulation to the brain, improves memory and nourishes the hair and scalp, while releasing stress and tension.

Similarly, in Pizhichil a gentle flow of warm oil all over the body helps to prevent premature ageing and provides a fresh surge of energy. The hot herbal pouches used in Pinda Swedana improve blood circulation and neuromuscular conditions, sooth joint pain and restore vitality. In the dry massage known as Udwarthanam, herbal powder acts as a natural scrub to remove dead cells and enliven skin with a renewed appearance. A wonderful remedy for lower back pain, in Kati Vasti a paste of black gram or wheat flour is placed strategically to form a ring on the lower back and warm oil is poured into the depression to sooth muscular tissue, alleviate pain and lubricate the discs and nerves.

For guests who are experiencing specific areas of discomfort or symptoms they would like to address, the Resident Ayurvedic Doctor can tailor three to seven day retreats for Weight Loss, Yoga Joint Mobility, Muscular Tension & Strains, Yoga High Blood Pressure and Headaches. Offering a well-rounded Ayurvedic lifestyle, guests can also enjoy nutritious locally inspired Ayurvedic cuisine. Those in need of mindful exercise can reconnect to their natural flow with yoga, meditation, pilates and tai chi classes, enjoyed either in the privacy of their villa or on the secluded sunrise beach.

At Anantara Spa, the greatest journeys are felt, not told…