Aman Venice: A Sensory Journey

An architectural masterpiece, Venice comprises 118 small islands connected by winding canals, joining the Grand Canal, and arched bridges. Priceless art and iconic landmarks reveal themselves at every turn – a treasure-trove matched only by the city’s cultural cachet. From the Venice opera and Carnevale to film and contemporary art, prepare to be enlightened by La Serenissima. Enter, Aman Venice, a destination in itself.
Set in one of the city’s eight, great monumental palazzos on the Grand Canal, Aman Venice is a sensory journey more than anything. While it’s frescoed interiors sate appetites for grandeur, they invoke balance and harmony.
From the moment I arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. The artwork of Rococco and the interiors of Jean-Michel Gathy are the visual splendor that welcomed me.


Dinner at the property is a must. Mouth-watering selection from the menu, off-menu, and of course the wine pairing. They have an extensive wine list that’ll keep you happy.

I highly recommend the Focaccia alle patate, Prosciutto San Daniele. It melts in your mouth like butter and honey. Yes, you can thank me later. If you’re a seafood lover, you can’t go wrong with the salt-crusted catch from the market, pine nuts and escarole. Hands down, impeccable food and beverage experience. Taste, originality, service. Truly, a must experience.
Speak to the concierge, they’ll help you create a story-book Venetian adventure. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll have plenty to see, taste and do. Quintessentially poetic; as beautiful as the city it belongs to.
The beds are the most comfortable beds, ever. You’ll have a hard time leaving the bedroom. There’s something so mesmerizing and familiar about Aman Venice, it’s the personal touch on everything. The warmth from the genuine smiles of the staff who will go above and beyond to make sure you’re well and making the most of your stay. The crafty cocktails at the bar, the elegant, story-telling walls and ceilings, the comfort of knowing that everything can be tailored to your own pace. It wasn’t like any other hotel, it felt like coming home.
Truth be told, you never really leave this place. You take a piece of it with you, leaving a part of you behind.
Without a doubt, Venice’s best kept secret.
Only the best,
Lucas Raven
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