Amal Al Raisi Releases A Collection Inspired By Her Journey

Amal Al Raisi’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is inspired by her journey, in life, to the fashion industry. From a young age Amal learned about patriotism and how important it is to devote herself to her country. She believes the key to Oman excelling is when her fellow countrymen unite and have a strong sense of dedication to their work. As a young girl, Amal was always touched by the yearly royal speeches of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said presented on November 18th. His speeches inspire all Omanis to work hard and in 1993, Sultan Qaboos announced Omani youth year, encouraging all young people to do all they can for their country. This resonated with Amal and it motivated her to want to do something extraordinary to help build Oman. At first Amal wanted to be a teacher to educate the young generation on Omani history, then at a later stage she thought to be a scientist or a doctor to best serve Oman. She soon realised her love of fashion and it became her goal to put Oman on the international fashion map, and that is her life journey.

Inspired by her journey, Amal Al Raisi’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection captures timeless elegance through fluid silhouettes, feminine details and whimsical colours. The collection pays tribute to Amal’s journey and epitomizes sentimental memories.

Dreamlike hues of mauve chalk, quiet harbour, stonewash blue, tweed and seapearl gold comprise the ethereal colour palette. Fluid fabrics and feather light layers offset structured tweed styles and bold cuts. Silhouettes are elegant yet relaxed, featuring soft pleats, fluted sleeves, sheer panels, drop waists and frayed edges.

Delicate sequins and beads are hand embroidered on sheer necklines and fluted sleeves. Frayed tweed panels intricately embellished with iridescent sequins and pearls line sleeves, jackets and kaftans to modern effect.

Timeless and feminine, Amal Al Raisi’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection evokes a sense of refined elegance.


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