5 Desert Activities You Need To Try In Oman

A Quick Guide For Lovers Of Adventure

When spending time away from crowded cities, you’ll discover hidden gems and explore marvellous places that make for great weekend escapes. In Oman, there are several places you could visit for a weekend gateway. One of these places is the desert, a sandy destination for adventurous travellers.

Visiting the desert in Oman is a must, especially in the winter season, as the weather becomes tolerable during the day and perfectly cold at night. You can indulge in several fun-filled activities that will take you on an adventure of a lifetime that goes beyond the typical ‘camping’ scenario.

Here are five things you could do in the desert besides camping:


Those who love adrenaline-pumping activities can go for a sand surfing. The activity takes place in spots where there are mountain-high dunes that offer a great spot for a glide down the dunes. This popular desert game is a perfect activity for the whole family; suitable for both adults and children.

Sunset Watching

Taking memorable photos of the sunset or the sunrise while spending time in the desert is inevitable, especially if you’re camping on top, as the views are to die for. It is an incredible experience that starts with a soft light at dawn and ends with a golden sunset.

Campfire With Family and Friends

Family gatherings around campfires is always a good idea, it is an amazing activity, particularly during winter, where the heat of the fire and a sip of tea or coffee can keep you warm.

Quad Biking

Going on a quad bike tour around the sandy dunes of the desert can take you on an unparalleled and unforgettable journey. The thrill of driving the quad bike on the dunes is unmatched.

Camel Riding

If you’re looking for a traditional way to explore the desert, then try travelling on a camel convoy. Such rides in the desert will allow you to savour the best of desert scenery and wildlife. Fun fact: These desert dwellers are also known as the ‘ship of the desert’ due to their elegant movement and their ability to handle excruciatingly hot climates.

Written by Salim Al Afifi

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