1on1 with Rawan Al Nazwani

Oman Magazine meets the lady behind Muscat’s grandest palatial-inspired restaurant, without an air of prudishness. The ever-welcoming Rawan Al Nazwani…

As an Omani entrepreneur, what was the most exciting part of this journey?

Being a young Omani and owning my own business in such age really made it so excited to build up a name in the market and grow to other markets in the region. The Journey a lot of different mixed feelings, happiness, sadness, disappointed, enthusiasm, exciting, reaching rock bottom, raising back up. But at the end it was a wonderful time i learned a lot and it make me strong.   

You told us your love of ‘palaces’ developed during your travels. Can you tell us more?

Since I was a kid I used to act like a ‘little princess’ and I always believed in fairytales, so I’ve developed a passion for palaces, which I seek out during my travels! With the restaurant, I have mixed my love of palatial buildings with my passion for cooking and came up with the concept .

What was the inspiration behind the menu and the offering?

I wanted to bring everything under one roof so everyone can enjoy what they like the most as when ever me and my friends go for dinner we start debating which restaurant to go to, but now pasta lovers, sushi lovers, steak lovers, burger lovers (anyone) can get what they’re looking for, under one roof!

Which are your signature dishes?

Fusion Prawns
Seafood Chowder Soup
Lobster Thermidor
Chargrilled Beef Fillet
Irish Rice 
Dragon Rolls 
Capricciosa Pizza
Red Velvet Lava Cake 
… And a few others!

Tell us about the famous piano… Was this always a part of the brands DNA when creating the concept?

Every palace in the world has a piano (or most palaces) and yes it is a part of our brand’s identity as we have live performances every Friday from 8:30 to 10:30PM performed by talented Omani pianists.  I am also taking piano lessons so one day I can personally perform for the customers also.

As a former Marketeer, what words of advice can you give to those looking to try a new career or venture in life?

They really need to study the options first and make sure that they have proper plan in order to succeed in life. Business is a huge challenge, so they better be ready for all the obstacles and  know that starting a business is not a rosy journey. I would say be strong and know there is light at the end of that tunnel! Keep going… 

What plans are in store for the future?

Lot’s of exciting things on the horizon for The Palace restaurant. However, the long term goal is to have a boutique restaurant in each country in the region, and perhaps expand to other concepts for restaurants in the future.