OMAN Magazine meets the Omani-Scotswoman (She’s not Scottish, but sounds it!) to talk Food, Fashion & Fitness on her lifestyle blog; World of Faz. We think it’s super-funky and urge you to check it out!

So, tell us about your lifestyle blog ‘World of Faz’

World of Faz is an international lifestyle blog which is about fashion, food and fitness. I have been blogging for about 4 and half years. I started out as being a platform for designers, make up artist, models, photographers and many more that help the fashion industry. Through the years I have add more from events, food and fitness. I want to encourage people in the best way through positive ways from quotes, features and many more.

Having grown up between Dubai and Muscat, what inspired you to follow fashion internationally?

As my blog started in Scotland 4 and half years ago and being the only Arab at university it gave me an idea to do something different. I used to fly home to Dubai to see my mum and dad and drive 4 hours to Muscat to see the rest of my family. As the blog kept growing, I kept travelling to more places to meet unique individuals that are amazing. I choose to go internationally earlier on because at that time both cities were still on the growing path. Of course I did not forget them but I had and still have a lot of energy and always trying to do more with my blog. Over the years both Dubai and Muscat have grown in the sense of fashion and it has flourished so beautifully. I still look at home grown designers like Endemage from Oman who create beautiful designs every season. In the UAE I tend to always fall in love with Bedouin, Ceecode, FMM designed by Fatma Al Mulla and many more.

What’s in store for World of Faz this year?

My adventures have been taken back to the UK but more down south in West Sussex. I am working on several new projects with different companies. I recently started my YouTube Channel where everyone can see my adventures and what I am up to on it.

When you’re in Oman, where are your favourite hang-out spots?

When I go back to Oman I am always usually around Shatti or Madinate Sultan Qaboos. When I get more time off I head to Mattrah Souq and around home to explore the rest. Oman is so beautiful and has this sense of peace where ever you go. Every time I go back I feel even more proud of being Omani. I think a lot of people find it funny to find an Omani with a mix of Scottish accent especially when I am around my family.

Being Omani…

Being Omani is special to me because our heritage and culture are different and unique .Omani’s are known to be the friendliest people of the Middle East and to have such a diverse amount of locals due to the mix blood. I come from two big tribes in Oman- Zadjaly and Busaidy. They are so different from each other but yet a perfect blend together. Which why I always get asked if I am from different parts of the world due to my features. It’s nice when people play the guessing game!

My Style…

Due to my national custom being so colourful it seems to reflect in my life a lot. A lot of colour. I dress for myself and not the trend. As over the years I realized not all trends suit all of us, so learnt through university to dress for your body shape. It has made a difference to my life as I am more confident. I don’t think there is a name for my lifestyle… let’s just call it WORLD OF FAZ!

You’ve lived in many places Muscat, London, Edinburgh, Dubai… What took you on this journey?

I grew up in Dubai, from Muscat and my family was a lot in London growing up as well. Every Christmas and summer holiday I used to be in London. My life became based around three cities until I had to decide to go to university. I was already studying at Heriot Watt University in Dubai but I needed a change so I decided to transfer to Scotland. It was a massive change but a good one as it gave me the courage to start my journey as a blogger. It all started on blogspot under Faz Fashion Diary. The blog became a platform for a lot of the students at university as well through Scotland. I brought in some of my Omani and Emirati talented family and friends on to the blog. This blog has become my travelling diary as the years went by. I also different internships in Dubai at Grazia Middle east and then did 2 years in Scotland as assistant stylist with my mentor Lynn McCrossan. I ended up staying in Scotland longer and opened up Metropolitan Fashion Show which supported local talents through fashion shows. My journey is still going!