1on1 with Famiwami – Insta8

Oman Magazine meets the man behind Oman’s greatest digital event concept Insta8 to talk about childhood, innovation & creating the new.

Having growing up in Oman, when did the world of technology grab your attention?

It wasn’t growing up in Oman that introduced me to computers, it was university life and being forced to learn Autocad and send emails. This was my first introduction to all-things-tech, but it never flourished further than those at the time.

I can recall the moment I got my very first smart phone, a Huawei, and the spirit of adventure took over. I started exploring the vast web of apps and gadgets. 

What inspired you to create the platform insta8?

Two reasons inspired me to create Insta8. Firstly, whilst exploring Instagram I discovered many features that made my photos attractive, plus people around me had interesting techniques in creating their art pieces, so I thought, why not have a way of presenting what we know to an audience that are keen to be educated. Secondly. I always wanted to be a public speaker but had never received an invite to do so.Necessity is the mother of invention and I created this platform to showcase me, but the more I expanded on it, the more I realised what I got and I felt, the world needs this more than me.

Having been so well received, have you any plans to roll out the event as a series?

First of all, I thank God that it has been well received and that the vast size of social media and beyond is not even our limits. I have always known from day one, that Oman would be a challenging gladiator field to get the concept out, so, from the beginning I created measures to improve and evolve the concept after every event we have done. I needed to evolve fast, due to copy cats being around every corner. After ten insta8s, I can almost comfortably say, that the pilot is ready for roll out to the rest of the region and the world, for a new kind of a series that will aim to impress all that pass by it.

In your own words, how would you describe the world of social media?

To all their own, of course. To me, Social media is a world that is untouched by many; it’s like the continent of America, when Columbus landed on it. The question is, will I be Spain, France or dominating Britannia. I dont like being in anything unless I have explored it, to the smallest cave and to have done all this, years before anyone knew the place existed. So the world of social media, is a lush virgin land of plenty and can provide plenty to the smart explorer.

Who for you, is a social media icon/guru? and why..

First of all, social media is just PR, simply put. I don’t have icons in social media per say, but I have people I’ve looked up to in the past, that used real media to their advantage to propagate their image and status (and using media and social media, is almost exactly the same). I’m referring to individuals such as Prince, Michael Jackson and Simon Cowell. If you look at the world of social media, the successful folks are just people who do selfies, and that’s not my thing.

Tell us about your snapchat art. Its become rather famous!

I don’t know about famous yet, but I’m really working on trying to get it there! Snap chat is here to stay, it’s your own studio and you are the director with no influence above you. It’s also ephemeral, as in it disappears in 24 hrs, just like old days tv when you had no VCR to record the show or when you go to a huge keynote and what is said, disappears as it is said. I always opt to be different than my surroundings, so I sat down and thought hard on my approach from the beginning. I knew, if i focus on drawings, I will always be different than anybody in Oman. I started drawing like a little child, as time progressed, I learned tips on improving my self, to the point, that established artists, look at my snaps with amazement. It is pretty hard to draw on snapchat, but it makes it more rewarding because I’m able to create big stories with small tools. I love to draw on it, in my free time, because I consider it therapy, and a therapy that has the reward of pleasing others (a double whammy from the famiwami).

What plans are in store for the future?

Manifest courage. Courage in turn, will create a path for us to emerge and surge. We are our choices, so it’s up to us to build a great story. I want an impact that will last beyond social media. I want to inspire legions to create a legacy that will last and that I can live through. I would love to use social media to educate the masses to be critical thinkers and with every move to create a change that is positive for our nation and in turn, influential to the world.