The beautiful contemporary designed HORMUZ GRAND HOTEL, the treasure of the Gulf, Muscat, Oman is a new kind of luxury rich in culture overlooking the Muscat mountains exceeding the expectations of the modern traveler. Iconic design is characterized by rolling landscapes, celebrating the influences of western and eastern culture. 

Sublime comfort meets sophisticated style – the unique property is also located 7 minutes away from the airport. Under the Quorvus collection, the General Manager CHRISTOPHER PIKE sits with Editors of OMAN Magazine in Muscat, to explain the story behind the hotel and its brand. Set where east meets west, with various unique features and stand out touches in all 231 guest rooms and suites overlooking the valleys and mountains, Hormuz Grand Hotel has the luxury details that every traveler desires.

Start your journey at The Hub with the delicious in-house bakery or dine exquisitely on Northern Indian cuisine at Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind. Experience true indulgence from Thailand with the relaxation of iSpa. Enjoy the splendor and exquisite backdrop of the Zaiba ballroom for impressive events and an uncompromising selection of boardrooms catering to your every need. Seamless service and attention to the smallest of details create a sensational experience, especially for you.

Q: What attracts you to working for luxury hotels? And as an international individual, what is your perception of Oman?

I have been working in the hospitality industry for 20 years and have been travelling around the world. I have always worked hard and admired the hospitality industry by working in various luxury hotels. Moving around, I have realized I like my work and its lifestyle, especially now having my kids together, it is a great experience! I have lived in Oman twice before and now moving back to this beautiful place, I am more than pleased to be working here. It is a great tourism environment and developing place in hospitality sector and our hotel is looking forward to being more involved in different events and projects in the future. For me, Oman is a safe and enjoyable place where you have the nature, city and culture in one place, and it is country of stability with sustainable growth that has an open minded country where local culture mixes with foreign culture in harmony. It is a stunning place where you need at least a week to discover the city.

Q: How does the concept of Hormuz Grand Hotel differentiate from the other luxury hotels in Muscat? What do you see as the most significant strengths for this property?

Hormuz Grand Hotel is located near to the airport, but unlike typical  airport hotels, ours is a five star luxury hotel with big relaxing spaces in the property with a modern luxury interior design. We have a mix of business and leisure guests who are enjoying the stay due to our unique customized service and engagement with our staff and the hotel. We offer an experience during the stay that is unforgettable for each of the guest. Guests’ engagement and recognition is one of our strength that makes them come back to our hotel. We offer unique amenities and welcome drinks with Arabic coffee etc. Creating memorable experience for the guests is one of our message. Belonging to Quorvus Collection, the Hormuz Grand Hotel is under international management with five star service philosophies.

Q: From your point of view, how does Oman differentiate from the rest of Middle East?

Oman has the mix of everything in a natural way and has its own story of being hospitable. Oman is an enjoyable place for both work and leisure but it feels more relaxing and nature oriented country from all the GCC countries.

Q: Can you share with us one piece of advice to future leaders of the hospitality industry?

After a year of traveling when I finished my university, I started in the entry level trying out all the divisions and I have learned that you always need to open your ears and eyes and question yourself about everything you experience and observe during the work. Be patient, work hard and enjoy what you do. If you have the strong determination and will to do it, you will become what you aim for. Be open- minded and try out everything!

Q: The hotel is called “HORMUZ”, can you explain to our readers the story behind this name and the brand?

Hormuz can refer to the strategic waterway linking the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman. Therefore, the interiors are a blend of modern Asian and Middle Eastern design, with a decorative pool and water courtyard – both with an open roof – as a centerpiece. The Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat becomes the latest addition to Carlson Rezidor’s Quorvus Collection, a new generation of expertly curated luxury hotels inspired by the lifestyle and sensibilities of the contemporary global traveler. We are delighted to bring the Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat into the Quorvus Collection, and introduce our own suite of hallmark and essential services tailored for the travelers looking for individual luxury.

Q: What does Omanization in the hospitality sector mean to you and the hotel?

After a year of operation, we are developing a system to recruit more Omanis into the industry and it means a lot to us since we always support the encouragement and education in the development of Omanis. We are obliged to develop careers for them and future employment so we will have trainings and offers for them.

Q: What is the philosophy of the hotel and how do you deliver this message towards the guests?

We offer a unique customized service that is meant to let the guests to engage to our staff and the hotel and offer them an unforgettable experience. Our staff is always present to assist our guests at any time and they are proactive with our guests. We make them feel special and let them know we always try to make their stay to a best one.

For reservations and enquiries;
Website: ​http://www.quorvuscollection.com/hormuz-grand-hotel
Phone: ​+96824350500